Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My bunnies and Me



Here are some pictures of me playing with my bunnies.  One thing I learned about bunnies the hard way is that they can jump so hard and fast that they can break there back's.  My favorite died in my hands after jumping so high.

The other two died during the night while we were sleeping.  I couldn't bring myself to look at them but my DH said it looked like they died the same way.  I was really attached to all of them as my daughter never picked them up.

I hope you enjoy our pictures.

Friday, April 17, 2009

My Cousin -- Abigail's Surgery

Dear loved ones,

We met Pearlie's surgeon today.  He addressed all of our concerns and we were very comfortable with him.  After visiting with him, Doug and I realized the severity of her condition.  It seems it is more complex than we were able to understand previously.
Long story short, it is very important the surgery be done, as scheduled on May 7th.

Abigail is a happy, vibrant sweet heart!  In fact, I asked the surgeon today, "How do you expect me to believe what your telling me is the truth?  I look at her and she's fine."

  Having known this was a possibility, even before her birth, Doug and I thought we were prepared for this.  How wrong we were.  The blow felt harder today.  The cut felt deeper.  The why's and how's and what if's seem to echo louder now.

We ask for your continued prayers for Abigail's complete healing.  Samantha is scared and I ask that you pray for her comfort and peace.  She is a girl of very few words and I worry so much about her heart, too.  Both of my girls have "broken” hearts.  One entered this world with a broken heart and the other's heart was broken in this world...  I believe God can and will heal them both.

Through the turmoil, I still see God's hand at work.  I see the opportunity to grow in our love for Him and our love for each other.  I am learning more each day to lean on Him...because I have NO understanding of my own.

Thank you all for you support and prayers.  We so appreciate each one of you.  We will continue to keep you all posted on Abigail's surgery and recovery.

Proverbs 16:3 


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Disaster Update

We called our favorite carpet cleaner, Roy Dudley, and he came over and cleaned up our living room water catastrophy and for the most part he got everything up.  So our carpet looks pretty good.  I would have taken a picture of the mess if I had thought of it.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Here is a picture of the three bunnies.  I found out that they are Jack Rabbits.  Two of them are very friendly, the third one is very skiddish and DD has named it Skeeter from some show she likes.  One of them is so friendly and curious that it will lay on my hand and after a couple of minutes will start looking around and walk back and forth on my arms and even peaking over my arm, I have started calling him Cuddles.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I have more but DD has my camera at the moment.

What a disaster!

Well another day another mess, I decided to rearrange and redo my office/craft area.  Anyway, I have realized can't find room for everything.  I have to figure out where to put one more piece of furniture, in addition to this so the only thing I can figure out to do is start stacking, and there isn’t any better place to start than on my head.  Disaster updates to follow shortly.





RE: My day so far...

We called Blackman Mooring and they said it would cost a minimum of $600.00 so Mom took turns with DH sucking up the water with one of those machines that they borrowed from a neighbor who was willing to let us borrow it for a few hours.  He said that the only thing he ever used it for was to pick up leafs in the yard.  Then Mom cleaned the machine before returning it.  My guess is that its cleaner than when she picked up because I saw soap in it.



Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My day so far

My wheelchair got away from me while I was cleaning the rabbit cage and I broke the table leg, as I turned it over.  The rabbits ended up in the aquarium, which fell into the sofa.  The sofa turned over, the aquarium hit the floor and broke… glass everywhere.  Twenty nine gallons of water is on the floor etc…  The angel fish where flopping so DH grabbed them and quickly dumped them in the other aquarium.  Then about 10 minutes later, I remembered that we had a Cory so he looked and looked and finally he found it under a pillow.  DH said he was alive and put him into the old aquarium.  Most likely none of them will live but we are trying.

I will update you later.