Sunday, December 28, 2008

Baby Abigail

Charlotte thank you very much for the update and picture; I will continue to keep my little cousin in my thoughts and prayers.  As always, I am forwarding to my friends and church.  Special hugs to you and everyone in Abigail’s life.



Hello to all!  As Christmas approaches and the year comes to an end, I wanted to update you all on Abigail's status.   She has done fantastic with her heart condition. She remains healthy and strong and has had no complications, so far. As it stands, we may still be looking at surgery sometime during the summer. With the mercy God has shown already, don't be surprised when we're told surgery is no longer necessary! That's the hope we're clinging to!

More recently, we have suspected food allergy in Abigail. Because she is breastfed, it is very difficult to determine the culprit. After removing all dairy and soy products from my diet, her symptoms have not improved. We were referred to a gastrointestinal specialist who admitted us to Texas Children's Hospital for observation and testing.

She has now been diagnosed with severe allergic colitis. Her colon is in pretty bad shape. She has multiple ulcers and bleeding. The doctor said it is one of the worst cases he has seen in a long time.  Of course, as her mommy, this just breaks my

 heart. I told the doctors I wanted to do whatever would be best for her. Breast milk is usually best, but with the allergy source unknown and the damage so bad, he wants her to get healing immediately. So, he has recommended Neocate formula. This is an Amino Acid formula, manufactured in the UK....and yes, it is 6x the price of regular infant formula!!! It is available only online and Texas does not participate in the legislated insurance reimbursement plan for the formula. You can imagine our shock! But, this is our special little Pearl. The Lord has taken such good care of her and all of our needs. We are so incredibly blessed. We will

 continue to trust in Him. Abigail is back at home smiling, gurgling and cooing! We would however, greatly appreciate your prayers as Abigail and I make the transition to this special formula. It won't be easy, but it will speed the healing of her tummy!

This past year has created an amazing new chapter for our family. Samantha has

 been able to experience the joy that only a sister can bring. Doug and I have been fortunate to experience parenthood with more maturity and we all have learned to look outside of ourselves and our own understanding and wait patiently on the Lord. We have been humbled by the outpouring of love and support you have all given. Your prayers, thoughts, reassuring words and actions have blessed us forever. May you reflect on the blessings of 2008 and rejoice for those to come in 2009!!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

xoxo, Andrea (Doug, Samantha and Pearlie, too!)  She was such a brave girl!!!

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  1. May God bless you dear little abigail! She is such a sweet and cute little baby and I hope and pray that she continues to remain healthy and strong for a long long time to come!


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