Friday, October 31, 2008

Holy Cow!

Doesn't my dear friend look lovely today!

Yeah It's Friday

Well lets see, what has happened around here the last few days... oh on Monday I started having an allergic reaction. By Wednesday my nurse was calling the doctor. It is considered a minor reaction .. I have a rash from head to toe and even my hair itches. Outside of that I am doing pretty good.

I am working on a Breast Cancer cross stitch project its small which is very good because I still have a ways to go.

Oh I have forgotten to tell you our air conditioner is broken. Someone is suppose to come out here. I sure will be happy when they get her. We realized it was broken yesterday evening when it was 74 outside and 83 inside. Course the A/C was set at 72.

Well I hope you have a scary Halloween.



Monday, October 27, 2008

Hey we woke up

It's a good thing to because I couldn't be having so much fun and you wouldn't be able to read this wonderful blog.

This is my beautiful daughter and a friend during the play "The Taming of the Shrew"". Does she look Shakespearean? You know we are proud of her.

Here is my older daughter and her fiance' --

I am very proud of her. This was taken right after her graduation from TCU.

They are getting married next summer. I am so happy for them.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

I have an update

Here is my update on my SAL. Not much to show for it.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I feel icky. I haven't felt myself for a couple of weeks. I finally found out why. I have a staph infection. To top that off, I haven't felt like stitching or knitting, and boy do I have a boat load of projects for Christmas.

I was just sitting here wondering what everybody is thinking about the voting issues in Florida and Colorado happening already this year. I have been thinking what could we do to end these complications? I almost think that what we need to do is a thumb print identification. I see at least 2 problems with this method. First, their isn't one source for identifying fingerprints. Their happens to be a "to the best of my ability or human factor involved". Secondly, how do you handle those individuals that are home bound or hospitalized when voting using fingerprint identification. This has almost become the old game of stepping on the cracks in the sidewalk or not to.

Question for thought ... do you believe that the answer to the bad economy is bailing out the banks and handing Americans another check in hopes that "we" will spend the money? Also, will you spend the money or hold onto it with tight fists?

I know one thing for sure.. I am tired of all the slamming happening in the election. If they (the politician's) think that the way into our hearts and win the votes of the citizens is through cutting down what your opponent says and then forcing them to spend half there time defend themselves. They have another thing coming. This doesn't give our citizens a chance to prove that we have the brain power to elect the candidates based upon who we think will do a better job, sometimes we vote for the candidate that didn't sling as much mud. Because he did spend more time talking about his/her plan.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

The end of The Tamming of the the Shrew

Hi, I know that I haven’t posted in a few days but I have been not feeling good. I was on some medication that just upset my tummy. Okay enough of that. Let’s get on with the show.

The show was great. I actually enjoyed it more with the college theatre actor’s and actress’s than when I saw at the Music Hall with the professions. It was funny and surprising … they did it in the Italian Renaissance format. They spoke in Shakespearian old English. The jester character was hilarious. They had a fountain with running water and she actually got shoved down in it. When she got out she was soaked. Sometimes she stole the show. Because 1 girl dropped out of the play and 2 boys got sent to Iraq they had to change things over and over. My DD played the widow and she didn’t speak at all in the first act but she had quite a number of lines in the second act. The on Friday one of the girls sprang her foot and was unable to go on so, they had to do a lot of improvisation to make it work. I wish that I had been able to see the improvisation, but was very sorry to hear about the injury.

Well I am exhaust so I will have to let this do for tonight.



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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Taming of the Shrew

The Taming Of The Shrew

Shakespeare's Timeless Romantic Romp

Hey today is or should I say tonight is opening night for ‘The Taming of the Shrew’. My youngest DD is in the production. She loves performing, she always has. When she is awake and happy, she is singing. LOL You never know what she will be singing, it could be from a musical or from her favorite band. She has a wonderful voice and definitely can be heard on the last row of the theatre. We are going to see the performance on Thursday, they have 2 performance’s that day.

I haven’t done much today. I have had a stomach ache since yesterday late morning. I wish it would just go away.

We talked with our oldest DD a couple of days ago, she is so homesick. But oh so busy, she has her grad classes, internship, a job, a work study job, and she volunteers at the police station. I am wondering when she breaths and sleeps.



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gooooood Mornin' to ya!

Good morning, I sure hope that you have a wonderful day planned. As most of you have to go to work, I only ask that you do 2 things for me. Smile and have a happy day. I know about the economy EVERYWHERE, but if you can't fix it today then smile and be happy you are alive. Meditate, pray, light candles whatever it is that you do to "center" yourself and be happy. I will be doing that for you today. Just think if everyone picked someone maybe the person on the bus next to them or the one asking for a bed for the night. Then maybe just maybe peace could settle upon us.

Okay, I hear you that may sound crazy, but I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and when he walked into the room I said "Isn't it a wonderful day" and he said "I don't know" and then he said "I haven't looked outside today, is it pretty outside?" and of course I had to reply so I said "I don't know I didn't pay any attention to the weather, but isn't it a wonderful day". It is a wonderful day to breath in and out, to see a smile on a friends face, to be alive.

I hope that you have a smile on your face and think of your child as you helped them back upon there bicycle or your mother as you help her cook Thanksgiving dinner or watch her open a gift you have just given her. The world may feel harsh and hard, but you may make somebodies day better just by smiling. Or saying have a good day before you leave your home maybe even to the cat. It is hard to be mad if you say have a good day to your parrot. This world could be so much better if we turn our thoughts to others and not just think of me, me, me all the time.

Hugs to you all,


Monday, October 13, 2008

Welcome to Sunday

It’s footballlllll!  I am really looking forward to the Cowboy’s football game.  In the NFC East as you know we have The Boy’s, Eagles, Redskins, and the Giants.  I really try to watch all 4 teams play.  Sometimes they make that impossible because they may not show one or more of the games here.  Today I don’t think it’s possible because they play at the same time.  Oh well, sometimes it bee’s that way.  Well we only got watched 2 games today and I am sad to say that my boy’s didn’t win.  But, if they learned something then I can stop worrying about.  Actually, I still have faith in them to try their best. 


Today we spent cleaning the old fish tank.  You know I should have better names for them.  Lets see the old tank has a Bala Shark, Kisser Gourami, Opal Gourami, Gold Gourami, Chocolate Rhino Plecostomus, Cherry Barb, Zebra Danio.  That doesn’t help me name the tank anything better than old tank does.  Oh this is a hoot … I fed the fish in the old tank and came into the office area, well I didn’t know that my DH was choosing this time to move the big rock, well he stuck his hand in the tank and I heard a bunch of splashing and looked over and I guess DH got scared, giggle.  The shark splashed like a bucking bronco.  Now I have moved things a lot but not at feeding time.  Oh let me see if I have a picture of my old tank.  I have a few of the new tank in the album but it has changed so much that I need new pictures.


Thanks for the comments everybody.


Thanks for the comments Tdee “First.... Joy and Jeremy's butts aren't what make them a cute couple. LOL
I totally agree.
Second... Noel's first choice is not nursing? I thought that was her first choice.... now I am confused.
That paper wasn’t a list of her choices in order, it was her list of the steps she has to take to become an officer.
Third... You aren't that far behind me on the SAL. Nice work

Thanks it feels really far especially after I saw your new picture.







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Saturday, October 11, 2008

A week of my life

Okay, here is my SAL and sob I am way behind.

Annabelle and Lucy are hoping for a treat. Little do
they know ... my will is stronger than theirs.

We got our work out today with cleaning out fish tanks. Yesterday we defrosted the refrigerator, I know you are thinking who in the heck doesn't have a frost free fridge. Well we inherited a real short one and so we keep our drinks in it. And you guessed it, we had to defrost it. The ice layer was about a half an inch thick and we had talked about doing it for a couple of weeks.

I may have made one stitch in my SAL today but alas I just ran out of energy.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Just another Thursday

I was just having the typical Thursday this morning. Then this afternoon things went down hill with computer problems. At first I just wanted to back up my documents. Error after error it even said that I didn’t have a disc in the drive and it would open it and I would look down and there it would be plain as day. I finally got so frustrated that I said stupid computer you just spit it out again. So I stuck the XP disc in hoping I could fix that problem and it started downloading Japanese. That’s okay if you can read and speak Japanese. I just hope I don’t have to learn it to type on my computer tomorrow. Then I opened my daughters lap top and it started running the anti-virus that was this afternoon and it is still running now as I type on mine. I guess I hadn’t turned it on in a bit (maybe it had lots of updates to do) but who knows. I was trying to load some pictures when it started but that was hours ago, I didn’t even notice that it had started for a bit.

Well I hope y’all have had a good day.



Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This is the guide that my youngest drew for me when she was explaining the new program she is in with the Navy. She has passed everything so far and is in line with the middle section and is working on trying for the bottom section. I hope she makes it. We are doing everything we can to help her succeed.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Welcome to Tuesday

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday. It is a beautiful day, the sky is the perfect shade of blue, I do see a few lingering clouds and the tree's are blowing but that's a good thing so maybe it won't be a billion (slight exaggeration) degree's today.

I have a touch of a headache today right in the center of my forehead and my left temple. I think it is sinus related (here in the allergy capital) but it could be stress. There is always that possibility.

I made pretty good progress on the bumble bee I am stitching as a SAL with some of my favorite people in the world. If I can make the same kind of progress today I will post a picture in here.

I don't think I posted that my baby girl decided to join the Navy. Right now she is in a special program (never tried before) where they pay you "x" amount and you have to go to college for 2 years. She was already in college but with this program they give you money every month. She is really happy about her decision. Right now she considers herself to be in Navy Limbo, because her ship-out date is in January, but because she qualified for this new program she gets to change her ship-out date to June. But the wrinkle in this is that she is trying to receive a ROTC scholarship and so if she gets that she will go to school to get her 4 year degree then ship out. That is what she really wants but she is trying not to count on it. The only way she can go to her big sisters wedding is if she gets the scholarship, and it is really important to her. We are really proud of her. I keep telling her she is really brave.

Now for my "bundle of Joy" she is in grad school in Washington. Yes she is a husky. She is engaged to a wonderful guy. I think they make a beautiful couple, don't you. She is planning the wedding for as soon as she graduates.

Well now I need to fix another cup of coffee. Talk to you kids later. Hugs

Monday, October 6, 2008

October 6, 2008

Today it is rainy and damp outside. I am almost ready to take a picture of my Cowboy gauntlet that I am knitting. Also, I am attempting sock from the toe up for the first time. I think I am happy with it, at least at this point. I also have scarfs to make and top for my youngest daughter. And last but not least I am making a sweater for my Mom.

I think I will pick up where I left off yesterday with my new SAL for my Cross Stitch Group. I also have to start 2 cross-stitch projects that are presents, hopefully for this Christmas. I have a few surprises going that I hope to get them finished by Christmas also.

I will add more later today.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I Iove Cross Stitching.

I also knit so from time to time you will see pictures of my work.

Life is beautiful, isn't it.

Here is my family.