Monday, September 7, 2009

My busy weekend

We had company this weekend and when my dearest friend comes to town we turn into teenagers all over again and we can't stop giggling.

She arrived in town and she and I had plans to watch the Dallas Cowboy football game, and we won! That was fun oh and we had to order pizza, they have "The Cowboy Special", I don't know if we ended up with that special because DH wants to have everything thrown on it, except anchovies he also prefers for the onions to be grilled first but I don't know of any place that grilles the onions first.
We went to Joanns and I did some stashing, the we ran to Staples to get some things for DH. One thing I find infuriating about some stores is that they are not handicap friendly, I have heard of 3 point turns but never 10 pointed turns. That was ridiculous even some customers had to come to my assistants when I was doing a one of my 10 point turns. that was because nobody that worked there came to my rescue. I couldn't even get my Hoveround down some of the aisle's, and that just makes me mad. I won't be going back to Staples EVER! I do NOT recommend them if you are handicapped.

After that we came home and ate the fish dinner (out of Racheal Rays 'Big Orange Cookbook') I had made (with help), then we made a bottom to the shade we had put up in the office. We tried fabric glue but it would not stick, I guess its because we were using tulle, but I don't know for sure. And if I remember MacGyver correctly he always had a paperclip, a sock and duct tape and he could fix anything with just those 3 things, so I should have known to get the duct tape out, My DF said that's how she hems her costumes for the musicals that she is in.

We had hoped to watch the UofN game but PPV wanted 30 smackeroores to watch the game. Well being on a fixed income sure makes you very aware of the price of things. I felt like was spending a billion dollars this weekend as it was. Course I didn't spend a billion dollars because I left it in my other jet and it is in the shop. giggle

After my friend left. DH and I watched all the games that came on the tube. Well it was a fun weekend.

How was yours?



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  2. Best way to celebrate time with your best friend and you just need to enjoy company and cheer every moment.


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