Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mac the Knife

You are absolutely not going to believe this ... I know I am still in shock.  We were doing a water change on our fish tank and we were down about a third, so we had removed approximately 10 gallons of water.  Well suddenly Mac  panicked ... he was our 8 inch Bala Shark. He took a flying leap and jumped out of the tank and landed on the other side of the kitchen table on the floor.  My Sweetheart ran over and tried grabbing him (he was slippery), it took 3 grabs to hold onto him and get him back into the tank.  Of course he died in less than a couple of minutes.  But of course, after that landing he had that was almost expected. Let's see we had him for 3-4 years.  The tank looks so empty now, even though we have lots of fish in it.  

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