Friday, April 17, 2009

My Cousin -- Abigail's Surgery

Dear loved ones,

We met Pearlie's surgeon today.  He addressed all of our concerns and we were very comfortable with him.  After visiting with him, Doug and I realized the severity of her condition.  It seems it is more complex than we were able to understand previously.
Long story short, it is very important the surgery be done, as scheduled on May 7th.

Abigail is a happy, vibrant sweet heart!  In fact, I asked the surgeon today, "How do you expect me to believe what your telling me is the truth?  I look at her and she's fine."

  Having known this was a possibility, even before her birth, Doug and I thought we were prepared for this.  How wrong we were.  The blow felt harder today.  The cut felt deeper.  The why's and how's and what if's seem to echo louder now.

We ask for your continued prayers for Abigail's complete healing.  Samantha is scared and I ask that you pray for her comfort and peace.  She is a girl of very few words and I worry so much about her heart, too.  Both of my girls have "broken” hearts.  One entered this world with a broken heart and the other's heart was broken in this world...  I believe God can and will heal them both.

Through the turmoil, I still see God's hand at work.  I see the opportunity to grow in our love for Him and our love for each other.  I am learning more each day to lean on Him...because I have NO understanding of my own.

Thank you all for you support and prayers.  We so appreciate each one of you.  We will continue to keep you all posted on Abigail's surgery and recovery.

Proverbs 16:3 


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