Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After

I want to say that I look forward to ‘The View’ more than any other show throughout the week. I love the fact that no matter how hard you argue you still maintain your friendship. I have seen several sites that say some of the cast of 'The View' be fired, and some include polls. I am pleading with the hirer ups that they sign all of ya'll to a 5 or 10 year contract if that is your desire. Ya'll make the perfect team.

Now regarding the election and all the stuff that goes into it goes into the discussions, the press etc. I am beginning to think that the press has a lot to do with racism in America. They kept on bringing racism into the election. I proudly say that I am an American, my ancestors came from Ireland, Scotland, Germany and they married Cherokee and Choctaw. That is what makes America, we are the melting pot, we are all equal and all of us have a voice and the right to free speech. I will proudly say that I voted for President-Elect Obama. I pray that he and his family can stay healthy and help America come back from the economic and environmental disaster.

I do know that President-Elect Obama cannot fix it alone, as with the election it takes all of us to come together as one people. I believe that the election proved that everyone is able to rise as high as desired. You are only held back by your lack of trying, desire or education.



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