Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hard days

Well I did it now, I had dinner on my plate and all I had to do was hold onto it.  Well you guessed ... the dogs really enjoyed my dinner.  It happened so fast my plate barely tilted.  Then came the hot chicken and gravy ... it hit my arm then the arm of my wheelchair.  Then of course the mess hit my knee slide down my leg, part of it landed on my foot rest and don't let me forget that as I was right next to the cabinet it hit the cabinet door and the gravy ran down the door leaving carrots and peas seemingly glued to the door.  Lucky for me that it was late enough that I didn't feel weird changing into my nightie.  Course I had to get the dress off quickly because it was adding insult to injury by continuing to burn me.

Well lets just say the dogs really enjoyed dinner.

I am dead tired.  Y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  1. Man... what a way to serve the dogs dinner! Don't you know they have dog food? LOL

    Okay, well... now you know... they have dog food and don't need your dinner. K?

    Love ya


  2. Oh, you must have found your memory chip. ROFL


  3. Last I heard it had boarded a jet and was taking a flight oversea's. :)


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