Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Howdy :)  This was another wake up at dark thirty day.  My sweet DH didn't turn on the heater last night ... it was the first time since some time last week that I didn't wake up feeling like I was on fire.  Inside the house it was a wonderful 60*F.  I wish I could have slept in a little longer but since I went to bed last night around 8:15, I should have expected it.  I could not keep my eyes open.  When your head hits your desk for the fourteenth thousandth time, it is time to go to bed.

Yesterday was a really good day and I can't even begin to tell you why.  I don't even know that I did anything special or out of the ordinary.  But, just maybe it is because we are entering the holiday season.  I love the holidays because everyone I know is in such a good mood.  They are bound to all feel the joy of being alive and that in itself is a miracle.  If you think about this bag of bones being capable of so much and we have come so far from the cavemen or apes or whatever you think we started out as.  It is just amazing.  Of course we still have a ways to go, and grow as individuals and communities.  Their is always room for improvement.  I can only hope that I come somewhat close to the potential God has planned for me.

Hey, I have a question for you ... What do you want to be when you grow up?  Do you think you can reach your potential?  Do you think that if you reach your potential it will bring you happiness or wealth? If you had to chose just one happiness or wealth which would you pick? Okay, so that was more than one question.

I hope this day greets you with joy and happiness.

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  1. Okay... you asked way too many questions. I have to go back and re-read them to answer. LOL

    1. I don't want to grow up.
    2. My potential will be met when I stop trying. So, yes... I'll meet it.
    3. I already have happiness. so, I am good.
    4. I would pick happiness over wealth 7 days a week and twice on Sunday.



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