Saturday, October 11, 2008

A week of my life

Okay, here is my SAL and sob I am way behind.

Annabelle and Lucy are hoping for a treat. Little do
they know ... my will is stronger than theirs.

We got our work out today with cleaning out fish tanks. Yesterday we defrosted the refrigerator, I know you are thinking who in the heck doesn't have a frost free fridge. Well we inherited a real short one and so we keep our drinks in it. And you guessed it, we had to defrost it. The ice layer was about a half an inch thick and we had talked about doing it for a couple of weeks.

I may have made one stitch in my SAL today but alas I just ran out of energy.


  1. your dogs are soo cute! And you are catching up on the SAL...nice work!

  2. I got all caught up on your blog.

    First.... Joy and Jeremy's butts aren't what make them a cute couple. LOL

    Second... Noel's first choice is not nursing? I thought that was her first choice.... now I am confused.

    Third... You aren't that far behind me on the SAL. Nice work.



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