Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Welcome to Tuesday

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday. It is a beautiful day, the sky is the perfect shade of blue, I do see a few lingering clouds and the tree's are blowing but that's a good thing so maybe it won't be a billion (slight exaggeration) degree's today.

I have a touch of a headache today right in the center of my forehead and my left temple. I think it is sinus related (here in the allergy capital) but it could be stress. There is always that possibility.

I made pretty good progress on the bumble bee I am stitching as a SAL with some of my favorite people in the world. If I can make the same kind of progress today I will post a picture in here.

I don't think I posted that my baby girl decided to join the Navy. Right now she is in a special program (never tried before) where they pay you "x" amount and you have to go to college for 2 years. She was already in college but with this program they give you money every month. She is really happy about her decision. Right now she considers herself to be in Navy Limbo, because her ship-out date is in January, but because she qualified for this new program she gets to change her ship-out date to June. But the wrinkle in this is that she is trying to receive a ROTC scholarship and so if she gets that she will go to school to get her 4 year degree then ship out. That is what she really wants but she is trying not to count on it. The only way she can go to her big sisters wedding is if she gets the scholarship, and it is really important to her. We are really proud of her. I keep telling her she is really brave.

Now for my "bundle of Joy" she is in grad school in Washington. Yes she is a husky. She is engaged to a wonderful guy. I think they make a beautiful couple, don't you. She is planning the wedding for as soon as she graduates.

Well now I need to fix another cup of coffee. Talk to you kids later. Hugs

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