Monday, October 13, 2008

Welcome to Sunday

It’s footballlllll!  I am really looking forward to the Cowboy’s football game.  In the NFC East as you know we have The Boy’s, Eagles, Redskins, and the Giants.  I really try to watch all 4 teams play.  Sometimes they make that impossible because they may not show one or more of the games here.  Today I don’t think it’s possible because they play at the same time.  Oh well, sometimes it bee’s that way.  Well we only got watched 2 games today and I am sad to say that my boy’s didn’t win.  But, if they learned something then I can stop worrying about.  Actually, I still have faith in them to try their best. 


Today we spent cleaning the old fish tank.  You know I should have better names for them.  Lets see the old tank has a Bala Shark, Kisser Gourami, Opal Gourami, Gold Gourami, Chocolate Rhino Plecostomus, Cherry Barb, Zebra Danio.  That doesn’t help me name the tank anything better than old tank does.  Oh this is a hoot … I fed the fish in the old tank and came into the office area, well I didn’t know that my DH was choosing this time to move the big rock, well he stuck his hand in the tank and I heard a bunch of splashing and looked over and I guess DH got scared, giggle.  The shark splashed like a bucking bronco.  Now I have moved things a lot but not at feeding time.  Oh let me see if I have a picture of my old tank.  I have a few of the new tank in the album but it has changed so much that I need new pictures.


Thanks for the comments everybody.


Thanks for the comments Tdee “First.... Joy and Jeremy's butts aren't what make them a cute couple. LOL
I totally agree.
Second... Noel's first choice is not nursing? I thought that was her first choice.... now I am confused.
That paper wasn’t a list of her choices in order, it was her list of the steps she has to take to become an officer.
Third... You aren't that far behind me on the SAL. Nice work

Thanks it feels really far especially after I saw your new picture.







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  1. Sorry your Boy's didn't win. But, I know you enjoy watching your football.

    Don't worry... the SAL will keep going. Remember my update is mostly stem. LOL



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