Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gooooood Mornin' to ya!

Good morning, I sure hope that you have a wonderful day planned. As most of you have to go to work, I only ask that you do 2 things for me. Smile and have a happy day. I know about the economy EVERYWHERE, but if you can't fix it today then smile and be happy you are alive. Meditate, pray, light candles whatever it is that you do to "center" yourself and be happy. I will be doing that for you today. Just think if everyone picked someone maybe the person on the bus next to them or the one asking for a bed for the night. Then maybe just maybe peace could settle upon us.

Okay, I hear you that may sound crazy, but I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and when he walked into the room I said "Isn't it a wonderful day" and he said "I don't know" and then he said "I haven't looked outside today, is it pretty outside?" and of course I had to reply so I said "I don't know I didn't pay any attention to the weather, but isn't it a wonderful day". It is a wonderful day to breath in and out, to see a smile on a friends face, to be alive.

I hope that you have a smile on your face and think of your child as you helped them back upon there bicycle or your mother as you help her cook Thanksgiving dinner or watch her open a gift you have just given her. The world may feel harsh and hard, but you may make somebodies day better just by smiling. Or saying have a good day before you leave your home maybe even to the cat. It is hard to be mad if you say have a good day to your parrot. This world could be so much better if we turn our thoughts to others and not just think of me, me, me all the time.

Hugs to you all,



  1. I have alway smiled this morning, and it is a beautiful day out...blue sky and sunshine!

    I am all caught up with work here this morning and now I hope to do some "sneak" reading...I am reading Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks and I read 190 pages just yesterday here at work! I was really busy! giggle Good thing I have more books requested from my library! And now we just found out our hours are being cut here at work to 32 hours a week (4 day work week) for both DH and I, since we both work at the same place. But we will survive, I myself plan on using some of my vacation time (112 hours still left) and it will NOT be the day DH has off! LOL Have a nice day! : )

  2. Okay, what drugs are you on? LOL If you don't share, how will we be able to look through your rose colored glasses?

    Actually, you brought a smile to my face and I thank you for that.

    Love ya



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