Thursday, October 9, 2008

Just another Thursday

I was just having the typical Thursday this morning. Then this afternoon things went down hill with computer problems. At first I just wanted to back up my documents. Error after error it even said that I didn’t have a disc in the drive and it would open it and I would look down and there it would be plain as day. I finally got so frustrated that I said stupid computer you just spit it out again. So I stuck the XP disc in hoping I could fix that problem and it started downloading Japanese. That’s okay if you can read and speak Japanese. I just hope I don’t have to learn it to type on my computer tomorrow. Then I opened my daughters lap top and it started running the anti-virus that was this afternoon and it is still running now as I type on mine. I guess I hadn’t turned it on in a bit (maybe it had lots of updates to do) but who knows. I was trying to load some pictures when it started but that was hours ago, I didn’t even notice that it had started for a bit.

Well I hope y’all have had a good day.



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