Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I feel icky. I haven't felt myself for a couple of weeks. I finally found out why. I have a staph infection. To top that off, I haven't felt like stitching or knitting, and boy do I have a boat load of projects for Christmas.

I was just sitting here wondering what everybody is thinking about the voting issues in Florida and Colorado happening already this year. I have been thinking what could we do to end these complications? I almost think that what we need to do is a thumb print identification. I see at least 2 problems with this method. First, their isn't one source for identifying fingerprints. Their happens to be a "to the best of my ability or human factor involved". Secondly, how do you handle those individuals that are home bound or hospitalized when voting using fingerprint identification. This has almost become the old game of stepping on the cracks in the sidewalk or not to.

Question for thought ... do you believe that the answer to the bad economy is bailing out the banks and handing Americans another check in hopes that "we" will spend the money? Also, will you spend the money or hold onto it with tight fists?

I know one thing for sure.. I am tired of all the slamming happening in the election. If they (the politician's) think that the way into our hearts and win the votes of the citizens is through cutting down what your opponent says and then forcing them to spend half there time defend themselves. They have another thing coming. This doesn't give our citizens a chance to prove that we have the brain power to elect the candidates based upon who we think will do a better job, sometimes we vote for the candidate that didn't sling as much mud. Because he did spend more time talking about his/her plan.


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  1. Man... I can't believe you are sick! It is no fun having a staff infection.

    Yes, I hate the politics right now.

    I haven't read anything about a voting scandle though.



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